10 Best Massive Workout For Chest. And How To Do It.

For a bodybuilder, the chest area plays an important role in adding beauty to his body. Because all the muscles in the body are beautiful, if only the chest part is not right then that body looks ugly to look at. Chest workout day is a favorite day for bodybuilders.

That much chest can give beauty to the body. This is why bodybuilders spend more time in the gym for the chest training. For a chest workout, you should do a workout at least 2 times a week. That and those two weeks of doing different workouts. Only then will the chest area become massive.

Divide the chest workout into three parts and practice. Always divide your chest workout routine into three parts.

  • Compound Exercise
  • Secondary Compound Exercise
  • Isolation Exercise

Only by combining these three can you get a massive chest. The important thing is that you put on two chest days, do different exercises for those two days, do not do the same exercise on the second chest day as you did on the first chest day.

Keep one exercise as main and keep other exercises as routine. You must do warmup exercises before doing a chest workout. I mean pushup and dips are two exercises that should not be missed. This can bring a massive look and strengthen the arms and chest area. Only then can you easily lift heavy weights on chest day. Many sports coaches and fitness experts say that a dips workout is best for the lower chest.

Because dips give your entire body weight directly to the arms and chest are when doing dips training, dips are an excellent workout. This means that dips training is more effective for the lower chest than other exercises.

Similarly, during a pushup, all the muscle fibers in the chest area get stronger and the arms get stronger. So what I mean is, make sure you do pushups and dips before doing a chest workout.

And you can do these exercises as many times as you want. This will not cause any damage except that your hands and chest area will be solid.

FIRS-DAY (Best Chest Workouts) And How Many Reps To Put In Which Workout.

  • Flat Bench Press ( Sets 4 * 8 Reps )
  • Incline Dumbbell Press ( Sets 4 * 10-12 Reps )
  • Flat Dumbbell Fly ( Sets 4 * 12 Reps )
  • Dumbbell Pullover ( Sets 4 * 10 Reps )
  • Pec Dec Fly ( Sets 4 * 15 Reps )


Flat Bench Press training is easy to see, but it is a difficult exercise, but it is a favorite exercise for gym enthusiasts. Do this exercise 8 Reps for 4 Sets. This is a compound exercise, so you need to lift more weights. That is why this exercise is for 8 reps. Since there are only 8 reps in this exercise, you need to keep increasing the weight slightly for each set.

Let’s see how to do this. To do this, you first need to lean back as you look forward on the flat bench press machine and then add as much weight as you can to the barbell rod. Then lift the barbell rod straight to your chest and exercise by moving your hand up and down.

Do 8 reps like this for 4 sets. Exercising like this increases weight lifting power and strengthens Bone Joints and promotes Pectoralis Muscle growth. This is without a doubt one of the best chest workouts.


Incline dumbbell press is a secondary compound exercise. You should do this exercise 10-12 Reps for 4 Sets. In this exercise, you should do it with medium weight.

This is because this exercise should be done with full concentration, so when training at a high weight the hands will move incorrectly without getting concentration. Thus not getting the right benefit. Maybe if you are experienced, you can train with more weight.

This exercise is similar to a flat bench press, but the difference is that you have to raise your chest and head slightly. This must be done on the Incline Dumbbell machine. This is also a good chest workout.


For a chest workout, a Flat Dumbbell Fly is an important workout. Do this exercise 12 Reps for 4 Sets. Do this exercise at a medium weight. Because if you lift too much weight, your front shoulder cap has a lot of chances of getting an injury.

To do this exercise you first need to lean back as you look forward on the flat bench table. Then take two dumbbells weighing 5-10 kg or 11-22 pounds. Maybe if you are intermediate or professional, you can pick up a heavier dumbbell straight to your chest and then lower the dumbbells to your side at a 90-degree angle.

This exercise will expand your chest and develop the Pectoralis muscle which is the Major and Minor muscle.


The dumbbell Pullover is a very important exercise. Do this for 10 Reps for 4 Sets. Because this exercise will help you to make your chest muscle bigger. As the chest develops, the chest does not appear larger. Only if you do this exercise will your chest area bulge forward.

Only then will the chest muscle be larger when you show the side chest pose. For this exercise, you must first lean on a flat bench. Then you can take weights of 11-22 lbs or more if you can. Then lift the dumbbell to your chest and hold it in both hands.

Then move the dumbbell behind your head without bending the elbow and place the dumbbell straight back to the chest. It should repeat like this. When you do this, your chest muscle will change into a better buff shape and get bigger. It not only strengthens the hands well.


Pec Dec Fly, this exercise is for the inner chest. You have to do this exercise without rest. Put 15 Reps for 4 Sets. As for this exercise, it should be done a little faster. Only then can you feel the inner chest working.

The important thing is to do this exercise without rest, only then will you get the full benefit of it. Only rest for 15-20 seconds if you can not. That is enough. Let me tell you how to do the training. Sit in the middle of the Pec Dec machine and place both your hands on the two handles of the machine.

That means your hands should be tilted 90 degrees, slightly behind, directly opposite your ear. Then move your hands straight forward and backward without bending the elbows. Only then will your chest muscle become active. This exercise will stretch the chest muscle and strengthen the chest muscles.

One of the most important in the best chest workout. Now you have to complete these exercises within 30-35 minutes without rest. Only then will your muscles begin to benefit.



  • Incline Bench Press
  • Flat Dumbbell Press
  • Dumbbell Fly
  • Cable Crossover
  • Dumbbell Pullover


Do this exercise 8 Reps for 4 Sets. Always lift more weight for this exercise. That means you have to lift more weight on the Incline Bench Press than you do on a Flat Bench Press. Because this exercise is the mass builder of the chest. Only with this exercise can your chest be brought broad. This is the best chest workout.


Flat Dumbbell Press training requires high concentration. So do this exercise in moderate weights. Do this for 10-12 Reps for 4 Sets. This exercise will shape the inner line and outer line of your chest.


This exercise is also known as Cable Fly and Cable Dumbbell Fly. Do this 15 Reps for 4 Sets. You do this by leaning on a flat bench and then on both cables of the machine. This is a very good workout because you will feel like all the weights are coming on your chest. This is also the best chest workout.


You need to do this exercise for 15 Reps for 4 Sets. Cable crossover training helps your outer and inner chest line. That the exercise targets the PECTORALIS MAJOR MUSCLE, thus activating not only the chest muscle but also your back.


Do this exercise for 10 Reps for 4 Sets. Why I keep the Dumbbell Pullover common in both chest workouts is that, when you train with heavy weights, your Rib Cage will develop super and Expand. Simply, the Rib Cage expands so that the front of your chest is more muscular.

That is, as it would be if the chest were erect. That is why it is always important in the best chest workout.

So guys must do these workouts twice a week. Only then will you get a good result. Because these are all the best chest workouts.

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