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This is DK and I am 26 years old. I am very much interested in cricket and boxing. But in cricket, I play very well, because if u throw six balls at me, I will hit four balls for six. Because from the age of 11, I started playing cricket. My first ambition was to become a famous cricketer. But I did not know that I could not become a cricketer. I did not know anything other than cricket until I finished school.

Schooling was going happily with friends and sports, the most important and beautiful days of my life are the school season. After School, without self-knowledge, I asked a friend not knowing what course to take along in college, he said he could study for a diploma(because he failed in 12th standard, And I passed in 12th standard), I also studied ECE together without self-awareness. Only later I realized that I might not have studied for a diploma. There was a reason he studied diploma, but what I studied diploma was nonsense. I reluctantly finished studying for a diploma for 3 years though.

There was only joy and play in all directions of life until the end of college, but the testing days of life began after college. Not knowing what was going to work, I was overwhelmed. The need for money started and I wanted to study more, but due to family circumstances, the situation of going to work was difficult. Then I joined a private company and worked for 1 year, but I did not like that job, I joined another company and I did not like that either. The reason is I don’t like working for someone else. That attitude may not seem right or wrong, but it seemed so. Then I hated life, not knowing what to do. Then I looked at a delivery job, I liked that job even though it was difficult, But I worked on that job for 3 years and even now I still do this work.

To do my favorite things in life, I am missing out on some good things. Much has happened in my life that I do not like. So far I have never made much money. That’s why I came to blogger now with the help of my friend. I want to make more money in this and I want to be good, And do good to others. My greatest desire is to travel all over this world. That’s why I came to blogger.



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