Are Gym Supplements Bad For You?

Is Taking Supplements Harmful To The Body?

This question will remain in the minds of many for many days. Some people who go to the gym consult their doctor and then use supplements. But many people are still confused and do not know the answer to this question. Now, what are supplements? Let’s see.

Many supplement companies take their supplement from milk or some other nutritious product. Supplements are made up of minerals, proteins, and some other minerals for immunity. You may ask if taking this supplement will cause side effects? No side effects if taken in moderation by those who exercise more.

But if you take too many supplements, there will be side effects. Mainly if those who do not exercise are taking supplements, there are side effects. Because your body needs to have as much activity(exercise) as you take supplements.

That’s when even if you take too much supplement, the exercise you do will balance it out. Let’s look at some of the weight loss and weight gain caused by taking supplements. And there are some pros and some cons.


  • It helps to build bigger muscles. It is high in AMINO acids which are important for strong muscles and strength.
  • Supplements increase the Glutathione level in the body naturally. What Glutathione does to our body is that it is an antioxidant. Exercising causes free radical injuries in our body. i.e. a kind of swelling that occurs in the muscles. Glutathione is used to expel these free radical injuries from our body. Thus muscle recovery in our body happens faster.
  • It reduces cravings, which means we have a habit of eating junk food, many studies say that supplements reduce these cravings. Our body usually has two Hormones. They are GHRELIN AND LEPTIN. These two hormones are the two important hormones that maintain the body’s hunger and energy level.
  • It is said that if you exercise well and take weight loss supplements, you will reduce the amount of unwanted fat in the body. how to reduce it? because of the amino acids in the supplement. Once in the body, it is converted into energy and then begins the fat-burning process. This is how to lose weight.

While there are so many good things in this supplement, there are some things that can happen with these supplements that are life-threatening. Maybe if this is taken incorrectly. Now let’s see what’s wrong with that.


  • Lactose intolerance can lead to problems such as intestinal problems (vomiting, diarrhea, abdominal pain) if you eat dairy products. so it is better not to take this supplement for those who have such problems.
  • Do not use deadly steroids such as Cinthol. If you use it like that, your life is not guaranteed. Many bodybuilders die because they take Cinthol.

Supplements are not a meal except as a tool to help keep the body fit. Nutritious foods are an excellent supplement. Because there is no substitute for the nutrients available from the meal.

Eating nutritious foods should be your first choice and supplements should always be your second choice. Maybe you can take more supplements if you exercise more.

That too is enough for 2 spoons or 2 capsules a day. If you are going to become a bodybuilder you can take even more.



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