Can Athletes Take Steroids? And will There Be Harm?

Can Athletes Take Steroids?

Let’s find out now why athletes use steroids and what are the pros and cons of using them. Can you take steroids now? Or not? Let’s see what changes are caused by taking steroids in your body, as well as what side effects are coming into your body while taking steroids.

Many people nowadays go to the gym to see the bodies of their favorite actors or to see if any of their friends have gone on a bodybuilding stage or watch their favorite bodybuilders.

When you join the gym, you look at the body of your favorite and target the same body and then you join the gym. But you can not achieve the same physique by consuming only natural food. When you work out at the gym, minor muscle damage can occur to your body.

They take protein to recover that muscle damage. This protein helps our muscles to recover well. This process is called Protein Synthesis. And if you want your muscle growth to be good you need to have more Protein Synthesis than Protein Breakdown.

Only then will your muscle growth be good. What regulates all of this is the hormone testosterone. This testosterone is high in steroids. What happens when you take steroids is that these steroids start modifying more than 100 natural genes in your body.

This protein synthesis in your body will increase a lot as the gene is modified. i.e 10-15 times more. Thus greatly reducing protein breakdown.

Then even if you do a normal workout your muscle growth will be 10-15 times higher. Another thing you need to look out for when taking steroids is that steroids will lower your body fat percentage. Thus your muscle is well visible on the outside.

So you will look with the ripped physique to look at. Likewise, steroids help your muscle growth, body strength, and muscle fiber well.

This is the positive side of these steroids. But you should know what problems can occur when u take the same steroids for the long term. When steroids are taken for a long time it affects the CNS(Central Nervous System). Then Forebrain, Hypothalamus, Pituitary Gland will be affected.

Problems with this include increased Stress, Irritability at small things, and High Depression. And men can have many problems in their sex life when they take steroids without proper advice. This means that even if they have a lot of sexual feelings, they will not be able to have sex.

What happens when men take steroids for a long time is that the human body secretes hormones naturally, but you artificially secrete the hormone into your body through steroids, thus harming the naturally occurring hormone.

You are not going to take steroids lifelong anyway. In some cases, you will stop taking steroids. What happens when you suddenly stop at that point is that the hormone you artificially inject stops secreting, and the hormones that are naturally secreted stop secreting. This can lead to many problems. Your physical health will be affected.

Effects Of Steroid


This can lead to Erectile Dysfunction. This means,

  • Testicles will start to shrink
  • Sperm count will decrease
  • Men are more likely to have man boobs
  • Skin disease
  • Heart Problems
  • Stroke
  • Libido(men’s sex drive) is more likely to occur.

Similarly, women are starting to go to the gym more and more. Let’s see what are the problems caused by women taking steroids.

  • Girls start to changes in nature.
  • Women tend to be very rough to look at.
  • Changes in women’s voice.
  • Women taking steroids are even more likely to grow facial hair.

Now you ask me, can I take a steroid? or not? you can ask me that. Many bodybuilders who take steroids do not take steroids as soon as they join the gym, they are all trained athletes. Those who have dedicated their lives to bodybuilding.

They know exactly what their life cycle is when they take this steroid. They know exactly what to do when taking a steroid and what to do when they stop taking a steroid.

Knowing all this will not affect them at all, but some people do have some problems. These days, apart from professional bodybuilders, non-professional bodybuilders also take steroids. but they stop taking the steroids as soon as the expected result comes. But the biggest mistake is to stop taking steroids immediately like that.

I’m not saying taking steroids is wrong, whenever you can take steroids, you can take it as your professional. That too should be taken on the advice of a doctor and bodybuilding coach. But if you go to the gym thinking that being fit is enough, it is better to avoid taking the steroid.

This is because even world-famous bodybuilders have experienced many problems when taking steroids. Even some well-known bodybuilders who take steroids have problems with muscle fibers such as swelling, bleeding, muscle spasms, and abscesses.

It is important to note that this is because they take too many steroids to make their body bigger. Many people have no problems taking steroids, but a few have lost their lives taking steroids. Some of them die even at a very young age.

As for the steroid, some of it is good and some are bad. So you can take it if you want to become a professional bodybuilder, but it is better to take it after examining whether it is a steroid set for your body.

This means that if you practice eating natural foods without taking steroids, your body will stay the same until you die. But if you have taken steroids, your body will be with you as long as you are in the bodybuilding field, after certain days the body will start to have some effects and the body will lose weight.

Everyone takes a steroid just because one wants to get on the body immediately and look like a bodybuilder in front of others. But without that, it is better to think about your health and take the steroid in moderation.

So it is much better to exercise for our benefit than to exercise for desire.

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