Exercise To Reduce Belly Fat For Females At Home – 7 Best Exercises

Reduce Belly Fat At Home

Once you have decided that you want to lose weight, you need more exercise with diet control. Not only this, with the help of regular exercise you can achieve the desired weight loss. You need to work hard to reduce belly fat. Now let’s look at some exercises that ate suitable for women.


while doing this exercise you should keep your arms above your head while jumping and keep doing it constantly. Use your feet to jump softly while jumping. Then your whole body will be trained. That means all the organs like arms, legs, and abdomen will work.


To do this exercise you need to keep your body in a plank position. And your palms should be straight to your shoulder. Make sure the whole body is in the same straight line. Then jump your knee straight to your chest, as an alternative.

This exercise should be continued for 50 seconds. In this, your hip, head, legs should all be straight. Do not lift your hips above. Breathe properly while exercising. Training should be done fast as you go. Only then should it be effective.


This exercise should also be done in the plank position. keep both your elbows straight to your chest. And stretch your legs. Your body and head should be straight. When doing this exercise your abdomen should be tight and your palms should not be close to each other.

Should be a little farther away. Do this exercise for 50 seconds as if the hips were straight without going down. Benefit your abs will work well.


In this exercise, you have to sit on the back and bring your legs in front of you and then move the legs up and down. If you want to make this even harder, get your hands off, you can clasp them in front and do the same thing. Do the same for 50 seconds. When doing this exercise, keep your torso upright at an angle and try not to hunch over and your shoulders will be back.

It is important to keep the body still. In this exercise, the abdominal area will be strengthened and the fats will dissolve quickly and you will look beautiful. If this is difficult to do you can balance with your hands behind your back for support.


In this exercise, you should sit down and keep your heels on the ground. The torso should move alternatively to the left and right. I.e. move from one side to the other and keep your twisting. If you think this will make it even harder, you should practice lifting your legs off the floor and then keeping them still.

It is best to practice with an object or dumbbell weighing 5kg in your hand. This will dissolve the facts on the side of your stomach and make the abs harder.


In it get your legs out and bring your knees towards your chest and push back out. Keep your hands behind your back for balance and Keep doing this. That too should be done for 50 seconds.

Doing so will make your leg muscles and hip muscles work better. Need to do it a little faster. Then the unwanted fats in the abdomen will start to dissolve.


Get your knees up towards your chest and do this as an alternative. You need to do this a little faster. Stay on your toes. Hump softly while jumping. Only then will there be no pain in the knee. Start this exercise slowly and then increase the pace a little bit. this will melt the fat in your butt and hip areas.

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