How Much Water Should An Athlete Drink a Day?

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how much do you need to drink?

Like the proverb that the world cannot exist without water, truly this world cannot exist without water. The average person should drink at least 2 liters of water daily. Only then will the body be hydrated.

Similarly, athletes who engage in sports need to drink more water. This is because the dehydration takes place very fast from their body while engaging in sports, thus expelling the stamina from their body very fast.

dangers of dehydration are wide and they vary from person to person. Someone may experience confusion, someone might have a decreased appetite, someone might have decreased metabolism, you’re staying hydrated not only for your mental sake but also for your physical sake.

It’s truly an important factor in your health. If too much water leaves the body, our body will not co-operate with our mind.

To avoid this,

1. Take a little water or energy drinks from time to time while training.

2. Eat watermelons they have a significant amount of water that does hydrate you.


  • Not drinking enough water.
  • Continuous Training (Having been training voluntarily for a long time. Due to continuous training, the body loses water very quickly).
  • Training at high altitudes is one of the main reasons for dehydration.
  • Sweating (sweating is good for the body, but sweating causes more dehydration. This is also a reason for dehydration, there is nothing wrong with that).
  • Practicing in places where the temperature is high.
  • Exercising after eating thirsty foods can cause dehydration.


  • The tongue will become dry(dry mouth),
  • The body will feel tired
  • severe thirst
  • May cause nausea and vomiting
  • muscle cramps
  • Severe headache
  • Yellow pee
  • The mentality of having taken training is enough

Only if athletes drink the right amount of water will they be able to function in the sport with even greater motivation. An athlete needs to know how much water to drink per day and at what times. You should consult your trainer regularly about it. Now let me tell you clearly how much water you should drink per day and when.

A normal human being          2-3 liters of water a day          67.62  –  101.44 (Fluid Ounces).
Bodybuilders or Athletes      4-5 liters of water a day        135.25  –  169.07  (Fluid Ounces).

We need to know why water is so important, It does work like cleaning the kidney stone and bladder. In addition to water, some fruits also contain a lot of water sources.

watermelon juice pic

Watermelon                  92%  (water content)
Coconut water              95%  
Oranges                        88%  
Strawberries                  91% 
Cucumber                     95% 
Cantaloupe                    90% 
Grapefruit                      88% 
Cabbage                        92% 

All of the fruits mentioned above are highly hydrated. So include more fruits in our food. Thus we can live with physical health and longevity. We must be always physically fit and healthy.

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