Runners Strength Training Without Equipment – Top 5 Best Exercises.

Runners Strength Training

Legs are very important for runners. They can run well only if the whole body is in shape, not just the Leg. If not can mot run properly. So runners should always keep their body stiff. Let us now look at some simple workouts for that.


Making lunges greatly contributes to core stability and ankle strength. In this exercise, your knee should be on the floor at 90 degrees. Then stretch well. Do this for 10-15 reps on both sides. Do 3 sets like this and take 30 seconds to rest between each set.


The squat exercise is very important to build our quads and glutes muscles for strength. This exercise requires a lot of focus. This exercise must be done correctly. That means you need to make sure your knees do not collapse when going straight down. There should be a pain in your glutes muscles while squatting. That means that part is being trained. Do this exercise in 10-20 reps in 3 sets. Rest for only 30 seconds between each set.


This exercise is very easy. To do this exercise you need to use a wall, wood, or pillar for balance. Then it can be done easily. Lift the back of your feet and then lower them. And keep doing this as an alternative. Do 10-20 reps like this for 3 sets. And should be done well until the pain subsides. In the meantime, rest for 30 seconds.


Doing plank gives your core muscles, gluteal muscles, lower back, full-body, and arms a little training. Must be in plank position first. The back arms should be straight to your shoulders. The two palms should not be close together. Keep your lower back in a straight line across the body without moving it up or down. You need to control and hold this as much as you can. Do 3 sets like this. Plank is a great exercise to reduce belly fat.


In this, you have to lie flat on the floor. Then keep your feet at 90 degrees. Keep your hands behind your head, straight to your ears. Then lift the head and hold. Do this in 3 sets for 30 seconds. Then your abs will start to come out and the abdomen will be flat.

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